Commissioner: Regnitz-Werkstätten Erlangen
Date of publication / release: 31.01.2010

Anja's brightly illustrated wooden toys are available to buy:

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Commissioner: HarperCollins Children's Books
Date of publication / release: 27.05.2010
More hilarious stories about the two clumsiest talking mice you'll ever meet! It's Clumsies on Sea as Howard and the Clumsies head to the seaside for what Howard calls a 'conference' and the Clumsies call a 'holiday'! Will Howard manage to impress his evil boss Mr Bullerton? Will he get to the hotel on time? And will the trip pass without mess or incident of any kind? Of course not. Nothing goes to plan when the Clumsies are about! Sandcastles, talking donkeys, runaway supermarket trollies: this clumsy adventure has it all!
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Commissioner: HarperCollins Children's Books
Date of publication / release: 01.01.2010
Three crazy, funny stories, featuring the two clumsiest talking mice you'll ever meet! 'The mouse started to trundle away, glancing at Howard over its shoulder, nervously. 'You may well glance at me nervously,' said Howard, picking up an empty water glass and placing it over the mouse. 'You'll stay in there so I can eat my breakfast in peace. I shall deal with you afterwards!'' But you can't really deal with the Clumsies, afterwards or at any time. Once you've got them, you're stuck with them. From the moment when Howard Armitage first finds two talking mice under his desk -- the inimitable and hilarious Purvis and Mickey Thompson -- his life, and his belongings, are turned forever upside down. Obsessed with biscuits and forever playing incomprehensible games of their own devising, the Clumsies are not your average mice -- and though they're desperate to help Howard get out of trouble with his evil boss, they're only really good for one thing! !making a mess.
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Commissioner: South Eastern Railway
Date of publication / release: 01.02.2010
David Whittle works with South Eastern Railways
With the dawn of Oyster card travel on London's over ground network, illustrator David Whittle has been busy working on a big advertising campaign for South Eastern trains. His wonderful artwork will grace key poster sites at railway stations across the network. The artwork is also used in direct mail, press, on buses, underground sites, and online, with his quirky characters being used for an animation on the South Eastern Railway home page. Be sure to check out his illustrations on your travels this February and March!
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Commissioner: Templar Publishing
Date of publication / release: 11.05.2010
Anne Yvonne Gilbert showcases her compelling dark side in the latest Ology instalment, Vampireology. Her beautifully rendered illustrations are enough to wake the dead.
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Commissioner: Tricycle Press
Date of publication / release: 01.03.2010
Christiane Engel’s latest book, “Ooh La La Polka-Dot Boots”, has received a rave review from ALA Booklist. “Young children, especially those who become passionately attached to favourite outfits, will enjoy the bright, active, acrylic paintings that show a cast of diverse kids in snazzy ensembles of all kinds”. Published by Tricycle Press, the book is out in March.
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Good Illustration / Self-promotion
To celebrate Chinese New Year, Good Illustration have distributed a printed and digital menu, packed with tasty dishes.

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2010 is the year of the tiger.

These powerful animals love to be challenged, a characteristic which is shared by the team here at Good Illustration.

View the menu here:

We look forward to illustrating something tasty for you soon.
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Commissioner: Meadowside Children's Books
Date of publication / release: 12.03.2010
A brilliantly witty, warming and satisfying story of sibling squabbles! - Illustrated by Leo Timmers and written by Mark Sperring. Released March 2010.
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