Commissioner: Emme Publishing
Date of publication / release: 01.10.2017

Taking a well-loved tale and making it your own is no mean feat, but we think the fabulous Barbara Bongini has done just that with her sublime technicolour illustrations for the Italian publishing house Emme’s new illustrated and abridged version of ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’! Aimed at a slightly younger target audience than previous editions, Barbara says of working with Emme for the first time:

“This publishing house is one of the most renowned in Italy for the quality of its publications. I was given the freedom to express my creativity with this project and was pleased with the confidence they had in me! I was inspired by the old movie with Judy Garland for the atmosphere and colours: using grey for the representation of the ‘real’ world and super-coloured hues for Wonderful Oz! The most fun thing in the book is the brightness of the colours that make Oz a truly magical world. I hope this book will be able to convey this joy to those who read it - this is my greatest desire.”

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is out now!

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