Commissioner: Macmillan Children's
Date of publication / release: 01.11.2017

Javier Joaquin’s arresting monochrome illustrations beautifully compliment this thrilling sequel! Bear Grylls’ fast-paced text telling the harrowing story of a captured young elephant, combined with the adrenaline pumping intensity of Javier’s realistic depictions of the challenges Mak and his friend Diya face in the jungle to set the terrified animal free, make this a real thrill ride for young readers! Javier says: "Drawing for Return to the Jungle was an adventure in itself. When I knew I was to work on the second book in this series, I got really excited as I really enjoyed working on first Bear Grylls story - full of action and suspense.

"Drawing animals is always a great assignment for me. In this marvellous story I tried with the different textures to convey the atmosphere of the jungle, even its sounds!"

Inspired by Rudyard Kipling's classic The Second Jungle Book, Return to the Jungle is an exciting contemporary action-adventure and is out now from Macmillan Children’s Books!

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