Commissioner: Boyds Mill Press
Date of publication / release: 01.01.2018

The eagerly awaited picture-book biography ‘A Lady has the Floor’ takes centre stage this month, as celebrated artist Alison Jay illuminates the fascinating life of the extraordinary activist Belva Lockwood - a woman with big dreams who never stopped asking herself the question ‘are women not worth the same as men’?

"I was so excited to be asked to illustrate ‘A Lady has the Floor’ by Kate Hannigan. Belva Lockwood was an incredibly inspiring woman and way ahead of her time, she, along with millions of women throughout history have been shamefully overlooked and unrecognised for their talents in all fields. That inequality, although improved, is still shockingly in evidence to this day. I hope one day very soon there will be equality for ALL."

Alison sensitively portrays this dynamic farmer’s daughter, following her from humble beginnings to practicing law in the United States Supreme Court, her resolute expression and deportment throughout exuding utter determination and faith in the beliefs that ultimately culminated in her running for president of the United States and becoming the first woman on the ballot!


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