Well Finally


After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I have finally uploaded my third novel in the series The Sneezlores.  This effort is titled:


Here and There


It comes in at around one hundred and ten thousand pages depending on what one counts.  But then, who’s counting?  Yes, ok, I did but then it was me doing the counting.  Nuff said.  I hope I am reaching a slightly older read this time.  After all, the series is supposed to grow with the reader.  Check it out, if you dare, and


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




For those with a similar memory to mine, it’s Free Downloads at:  aarart.com




A fantasy novel series for children ages eight and up.


FREE downloads of my

children’s novels at aarart.com.


I’ve finally got the first three books of the series written and two now posted as free downloads.  The third is being proof read and will be joining the first two as soon as it is ready.

The books fit the age ranges of eight years and up with future novels in the series growing in size and complexity to satisfy readers as they age.


They can be downloaded as PDF files from the Free Downloads buttons at:



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Just an update.  Our website can now be reached using aarartmobile.com.  The advantage is that using that url will get you onto mobile sized scoll pages directly rather than trying to find the link crammed in with all the others!

It's still best to view the whole site on a larger display as we are showing wall sized concepts.

Take care,


Allan & Deborah

 Deborah and I have just published a new website at a new location with our old address:  aarart.com

We're excited because now andriod users can access our site.  That's not all though.  We're building a another website dedicated to mobiles.  In for a penny, in for a pound!

Take care,


Allan and Deborah



Aarart Applique

Is Now Using


for faster downloads!

Just look for the Aarart Applique links on our website for quick access to even faster and more secure downloads of all our Brochures and Catalogues from our

HIGHTAIL (YouSendIt) folder.

This will be a far more rewarding experience.


There’s more!

We finally decided that it was time to reorganise our catalogues.

Curiosity will get the better of you so download both free catalogues of your choice and see 

the full extent of our changes.


Commissioner: Agaworld Publishing Company
Date of publication / release: 01.11.2015

This is a young children's series of four books set in one location while illustrating the four seasons.  The intent is to interest children in the natural world and introduce some of what lives there or travels through.

The project was very interesting as it was a true blend of traditional hand done original artwork and digital hand done original artwork, working from pencil sketches.  Something that Agaworld accepted without concern.  It was also very interesting for Agaworld as they are a Korean publisher with limited english skills and for us as we are Canadians and unfortunately, are unilingual English speakers!  We took on the project and found that language does not have to be much of a problem.  Just an unusual challenge met with patience and humour.

All in all, it was a rewarding experience.

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 October 10, 2014.

Sound familiar?  Anyone who has downloaded our Aarart Applique Catalogues may have discovered that many of our applique aar a tad on the large size and thought “Aar they joking?  Have I got enough friends?  How am I supposed to know exactly where to put the first applique up before I know where the others go?  And don’t even mention the background painting!  I suddenly feel dizzy.”  Quite the conundrums.  Or arr they.

Well, we’ve done something about it.  We have created four How To Do It, Made Easy publications that aar free downloads at www.aarart.com.

That’s not all.  We have a new website reached by typing aarart.houzz.com in the search field and a page on houzz.com at http://www.houzz.com/pro/aarart/aarart-applique-by-drew-brook-cormack.

All the very best from,


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 July 22, 2014.


We seem to be just full of announcements lately.  It appears that we are now to be found on houzz.com.  It’s a home renovating, design and decor site for talented home specialists so how we got on there is a mystery we do not wish to pursue too far!  It gets even more surprising.  They have even put under ‘wall art professionals’!  Life can be strange indeed.

We have got to get working on some idea books for the site but for now we’ll have to muddle through with our free Aarart Applique Brochures at http://www.aarart.com.


Take care, (Look what happened to us!)

Deborah & Allan at Aarart Applique

 July 17, 2014.


We have just prepared our Aarart Applique Brochure #3 which is suited to the more traditionally minded decorator.  It will grow along with us over time and hopefully be of some use for those who aar not quite sure of where they wish to go with their surroundings or how to get there.  Apart from family suggestions that is.

We have also updated the Aarart.com website to include a preview page displaying samples from each of our brochures in the hope that it will spur the unsure into boldly going forth and realising their dreams.


All the very best,

Allan & Deborah at Aarart Applique

 June 13, 2014.


We aar pleased to announce that we have just uploaded a new set of images in our #2 catalogues.  The image is called ‘Julia’, the peony.

While we were at it, we decided to rearrange the ‘Buy’ buttons on the ‘Order Applique’ pages.  We hope this will make finding what you need a little bit easier and not to get too relaxed, we aar working on a completely new Aarart Applique Brochure #3.  It will have an entirely new approach to using our applique.  We aar very excited with our new concepts and look forward to getting them to you as soon as possible.


All the best,


Deborah & Allan

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