Some of you may have discovered that many of our applique aar a tad on the large size and thought “Aar they joking?  How am I supposed to know exactly where to put the first one up before I know where the others go?”  Quite the conundrum.  Or is it.

Rather than removing the backing from your applique and having everything go sideways from there, let us suggest tape.  Yep, low tech does it beautifully.  Now please, please understand that we aar not talking about the pull-a-locomotive or suspend-an-automobile sort, or even duct tape.  Let’s focus on a mild mannered tape used by painters.

At this point, remember the layout you so diligently worked on and frantically try to remember where you put the ruddy thing.  Now do any necessary measuring to check on your eye-balling put up the main focus of your creation.  This is your gauge point from which you can start.  Remove your main focus, or anything else, when necessary and put it back, if necessary, as you go.  A well ordered, step by step approach is the safest bet and least likely to lead to hair loss, or worse.  It is helpful to include chocolate for it’s calming effects.  What you and your friends may enjoy during and after your ...

  Deborah and I aar very pleased to announce the completion and posting of our brand new free Aarart Designer’s Layered Catalogues!  It is the next step up in making digital planning and layouts as simple as a copy and paste or drag and drop session with the images you are interested in viewing, in situ.  Here is how it all works.

The designer creates a .psd friendly layout of the space they aar working in and then copies and pastes or drags and drops the desired images into place.  You will notice that each image is on a separate layer, with no background, making assembly as quick and as easy as possible.  Once you have all the images assembled, it is a matter of trying various arrangements and elements in situ to achieve a stunning result with little or no risk.

Another great feature of the Aarart Designer’s Catalogues is that they contain all the scaled oversized images that did not fit in the Aarart Applique Catalogues, providing a clearer impression of the composition.

The designer’s catalogues aar not only for professional designers.  Anyone can utilise them, providing they have .psd friendly applications, so go ahead with down loading them and get creative!


All the best,


  We thought, with the help of others, that we should remind you that there be dragons for those who try to order applique from our website without using the free Aarart Applique Catalogues.  Each free Aarart Catalogue download has a complete list of all our images scaled to 12:1.  That’s great for doing past-ups from printed catalogue pages and you get all the catalogue numbers (SKUs) for ordering.  FREE!  How handy is that!  At the end of each catalogue number you will see two sets of numbers separated by an ‘x’.  These aar that image’s dimensions in centimeters.  Under each catalogue number, in red, aar the dimensions in inches for your convenience!

We bet no one has missed some of the prices!  The price gives you a pretty good idea of how big some of the applique aar plus how many friends and family it will take to put them up.  Others aar quite small and harmless.

We put percent reductions on the catalogue pages for easier ordering.  Just scroll to the correct percentage, ‘click’ on the SKU menue and choose.  Now ‘click’ the ‘Buy Now’ button and send us all your money!  Easy?


Deborah and Allan


 January 22, 2014.


We have just completed five half wall concepts of which two wrap around a corner with some effect so now your furniture is safe.  We have also given examples of getting two different effects using the same images with a few additions.  Remember, our applique can be remounted multiple times when they aar properly handled.  That means that you can change your mind or move things around or even give them to someone so keep that party list handy!  That is creative power at it’s best.  Check out the new concepts in our free updated Aarart Applique Brochure #2 at  Each update number is the date it was uploaded.

While we were doing the half wall concepts we noticed a gap in our line-up of shaped foregrounds.  We do not have many!  That is my next task.  Create additional shaped foregrounds.  As soon as I get a few done, we will get them up and available to you.  If you noticed this gap and need more choice, keep your eye on our free download of the Aarart Applique Catalogue #2 for updates.  Just observe the date it was uploaded to see if you have it.

It is important to stay grounded!


All the best,


Aarart Applique


 December 23, 2013


As some may have discovered, we have posted our initial versions of the new Aarart Applique Brochure #2 and Aarart Applique Catalogue #2.  They are incomplete versions that we will be updating as new images and concepts come to us.  Just look for an update number to see if you have the latest ones.

We decided on a slightly different direction with our new free downloads.  We’ve gone to soft floral walls and ceilings for those who feel the need to lower the stress levels and raise the spirits.  It is very hard to go wrong with flowers.  We will also be developing half wall concepts for those who refuse to part with any furniture that may be along a wall or two.  Seriously though, scenes running along the top half of a wall and working with your furnishings can enhance the atmosphere of a room in dramatic ways.  Look for our ideas over the next weeks to come.  They are sure to inspire.


Sometimes half a wall works better than a whole wall!


Aarart Applique

Attached images:
Sir Winston Churchill
Moustache, the airplane.
Planets & Stars.
Day & Night
Mediaeval Field Melee
Town Mouse, Country Mouse
Flyt, the Earth Fairey
Knester, the red squirrel.
Whaling - 1820