July 17, 2014.


We have just prepared our Aarart Applique Brochure #3 which is suited to the more traditionally minded decorator.  It will grow along with us over time and hopefully be of some use for those who aar not quite sure of where they wish to go with their surroundings or how to get there.  Apart from family suggestions that is.

We have also updated the Aarart.com website to include a preview page displaying samples from each of our brochures in the hope that it will spur the unsure into boldly going forth and realising their dreams.


All the very best,

Allan & Deborah at Aarart Applique

Moustache, the airplane.
Owl House
The King's Soup
Puddle Stomping
Front Cover for the Fall Book.
Troll's Houses
Beauty & the Beast.
Cymbar's Meeting
The Story of Johnny Appleseed.
Cloud Forest
Behind The Island