July 22, 2014.


We seem to be just full of announcements lately.  It appears that we are now to be found on houzz.com.  It’s a home renovating, design and decor site for talented home specialists so how we got on there is a mystery we do not wish to pursue too far!  It gets even more surprising.  They have even put under ‘wall art professionals’!  Life can be strange indeed.

We have got to get working on some idea books for the site but for now we’ll have to muddle through with our free Aarart Applique Brochures at http://www.aarart.com.


Take care, (Look what happened to us!)

Deborah & Allan at Aarart Applique

Behind The Island
Back Cover for the Winter Book.
Bunny Shoes 2
An Owl With a Mouse.
I Love Bugs
Mythical Seal
Grass Food Chain.
Cloud City Wall
Troll's Houses
True Colours