October 10, 2014.

Sound familiar?  Anyone who has downloaded our Aarart Applique Catalogues may have discovered that many of our applique aar a tad on the large size and thought “Aar they joking?  Have I got enough friends?  How am I supposed to know exactly where to put the first applique up before I know where the others go?  And don’t even mention the background painting!  I suddenly feel dizzy.”  Quite the conundrums.  Or arr they.

Well, we’ve done something about it.  We have created four How To Do It, Made Easy publications that aar free downloads at www.aarart.com.

That’s not all.  We have a new website reached by typing aarart.houzz.com in the search field and a page on houzz.com at http://www.houzz.com/pro/aarart/aarart-applique-by-drew-brook-cormack.

All the very best from,


Attached images:
Whaling - 1820
The Story of Johnny Appleseed.
Garden Scene
Whisp, the wood fairey.
Johnny Appleseed's Life.
Robin hood
Back Cover for the Winter Book.
Mediaeval Field Melee
Owl House
Medieval Bread Making.
Peasant Boy & Piglet
Behind The Island