Commissioner: Agaworld Publishing Company
Date of publication / release: 01.11.2015

This is a young children's series of four books set in one location while illustrating the four seasons.  The intent is to interest children in the natural world and introduce some of what lives there or travels through.

The project was very interesting as it was a true blend of traditional hand done original artwork and digital hand done original artwork, working from pencil sketches.  Something that Agaworld accepted without concern.  It was also very interesting for Agaworld as they are a Korean publisher with limited english skills and for us as we are Canadians and unfortunately, are unilingual English speakers!  We took on the project and found that language does not have to be much of a problem.  Just an unusual challenge met with patience and humour.

All in all, it was a rewarding experience.

Attached images:
Maid Marion
Troll's Houses
Knarley Blue Stump
Town Mouse, Country Mouse
The King's Soup
Bunny Shoes 2
Cowgirl Gert.
Day & Night