Anne Wertheim / Self-promotion

 I illustrated this weeks "Illustration Friday" word of the week - contraption.

I loved it! It was a lot of fun - especially since I got to try out a new technique to work with.

I thought about my son, who likes to built all kind of contraptions out of material he finds around the house. He has built some amazing things (that are reallly hard to honor appropriately as they are big and bulky and there is not enough roon in the house to display them).

So I wondered, wouldn't it be fun, if he built a dragon that he was able to fly himself? And even take his (sometimes) bossy sister, together with a friend on a grand tour around the world? I am sure at first, it would be a bit frightening to all of them, but in the end they'd have a great time and it might even make his sister appreciate him and show her how cool he really is. 

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Anne Wertheim / Self-promotion

 This is a little illustration I did for "Illustration Friday" this week. A bigger version of it can be seen under my personal blog on my webpage:

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