Christina Wald / Commission
Commissioner: Blue Sneaker Press
Date of publication / release: 23.12.2015

The book I illustrated for the San Diego Zoo for their Centennial Celebration is out! It was an amazing project to work on and the author, Shari Lyon is wonderful.

It is about a Galapagos turtle named Speed and a baby orangutan named Pongo who travel through the zoo at night reminiscing about the first animals brought there.

It is available at the zoo and from their website:

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Christina Wald / Commission
Commissioner: ABDO Publishing Company
Date of publication / release: 01.09.2012

Six book series I illustrated for ABDO Publishing covering predator senses. It was a wonderful project written by Kathryn Lay with a lot of animals I have never illustrated before.

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Christina Wald / Commission
Commissioner: Books By the Banks
Date of publication / release: 08.09.2011

The greater Cincinnati Libraries put a wonderful book festival on each year. I got to do the poster for 2011 (it was the festival's 5th year). In the artist photo: L-R: Will Hillenbrand, C. F. Payne, Me, Ryan Orstrander, John Maggard, the previous poster illustrators.

The top of the illustration depicted Cincinnati as a pop-up book!

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Christina Wald / Commission
Commissioner: Mountain Press Publishing
Date of publication / release: 15.10.2011

The Wild Life of Elk is a book for children about elk written by Donna Love and illustrated by me. It is a joint venture between the  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and US Forest Service and published by Mountain Press Publishing .

Great project with a lot of art. I did paintings, pencil, cartoons, diagrams...

I had a great team to work with. The designer did a wonderful job making the book look amazing!

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Christina Wald / Commission
Commissioner: Pelican Publishing
Date of publication / release: 30.09.2011

This is a wonderful book (the first biobraphy I have illustrated) about Annie Jump Cannon. Never heard of her?

She was an American astronomer born in 1862 in Dover, MA. What an amazing time to live! The time of Tesla, Wells, Hubble, Twain and many others.... She was the first woman to recieve an honorary doctorate from Oxford University and her classification of the brightness of stars is still in use.

It was a facinating project and I got immense reference help from Alex at Harvard Library who made a documentary about her a while ago.

What a wonderful book to be a part of. It made me wish I had become a scientist!

Check it out the end of September! 

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Christina Wald / Commission
Commissioner: Sylvan Dell Publishing
Date of publication / release: 15.04.2011

My latest picture book for Sylvan Dell. I am now working on one for a fall 2012 release. It was a challenging assignment to fit in so many anmials and plants in each spread. I had a spreadsheet adn guide to each page.

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3-D Animals in Action Book Cover
Geese leaving for winter
Spread for Henry the Impatiren Heron
Macarooned on a Dessert Island
Interior from Cask Kat
Black Beauty
Black and White images from Wordsworth and the Dra
Look, Find, Learn: Animals of the World
Tim, the Golden LionTamarin
Interior from Cask Kat
Spread from Why the Possum has a Large Grin
Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant