Christina Wald / Commission
Commissioner: Pelican Publishing
Date of publication / release: 30.09.2011

This is a wonderful book (the first biobraphy I have illustrated) about Annie Jump Cannon. Never heard of her?

She was an American astronomer born in 1862 in Dover, MA. What an amazing time to live! The time of Tesla, Wells, Hubble, Twain and many others.... She was the first woman to recieve an honorary doctorate from Oxford University and her classification of the brightness of stars is still in use.

It was a facinating project and I got immense reference help from Alex at Harvard Library who made a documentary about her a while ago.

What a wonderful book to be a part of. It made me wish I had become a scientist!

Check it out the end of September! 

Attached images:
Emma and Sage
The Owl at Night
Tiger in the rainforest
Squirrels in Winter
Winter Frogs
Look, Find and Learn: Midwestern Farm
When Crabs Cross the Land
3-D Animals in Action Book Cover
Smelling Prey
Thumbelina in Peril
Spread from A Cool Summer Tail