Christina Wald / Commission
Commissioner: Mountain Press Publishing
Date of publication / release: 15.10.2011

The Wild Life of Elk is a book for children about elk written by Donna Love and illustrated by me. It is a joint venture between the  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and US Forest Service and published by Mountain Press Publishing .

Great project with a lot of art. I did paintings, pencil, cartoons, diagrams...

I had a great team to work with. The designer did a wonderful job making the book look amazing!

Attached images:
Rex the Lion from Paws, Hoofs, and Wings
Spread from Henry the Impatient Heron
Look, Find and Learn: Midwestern Farm
Macarooned on a Dessert Island
Giraffes from Paws, Hoofs, and Wings
Scholastic News See-Through Arctic Issue
Page from People in the Stars
Animal Atlas
See-Through Coral Reef
Bear from Smelling Their Prey
3-D Animals in Action Book Cover
Playfull Otters