Christina Wald / Commission
Commissioner: Sylvan Dell Publishing
Date of publication / release: 15.04.2011

My latest picture book for Sylvan Dell. I am now working on one for a fall 2012 release. It was a challenging assignment to fit in so many anmials and plants in each spread. I had a spreadsheet adn guide to each page.

Attached images:
Look, Find and Learn: Midwestern Farm
Giraffes from Paws, Hoofs, and Wings
Little Red Bat
Fly from Sensing Their Prey published by ABDO/Magi
Interior Spread from Black Beauty
Spread from Fibonacci Zoo
Spread from Why the Possum has a Large Grin
Spread from A Cool Summer Tail
Spread from Henry the Impatient Heron
Devious fox steels goose's egg!
I Want to Be a Crocodile
Black and White images from Wordsworth and the Dra