Hello and welcome to our studio!

Here's how we like to work: when we get a new brief, the first thing we do is research! We find out as much as we can about what we're going to be drawing and stockpile a whole bunch of references to get us going. Then we have a little brainstorming session about how we are going to handle the illustrations - which are going to be close-ups, what we can do with layout to make a spread more exciting, what areas need a lot of detail etc - and we scamp out our ideas. Then it's time to draw (this is the fun part!). We like to sketch digitally, since it gives us LOTS of flexibility in terms of tweaking sizes and proportions and moving elements around until we're happy with them. We love the freedom of working in multiple layers, and we start working up our final piece by bringing in a few hand-created textures or patterns, and working up (or deleting) line. We aim for depth of texture and detail, while keeping the illustration as simple and as clear as possible - an artistic balancing act! Lots of fun :)

What inspires us:
Our home, our garden and the magnificent views of the river and surrounding countryside. Our beloved animals, who cheer and charm us every day! Those unexpected golden moments when everything feels perfect just the way it is.

Our work is lively and expressive, full of life and movement. A bit like us! The most recent project spans over 2000 illustrations to date, with an original cast of quirky characters and detailed sets designed and developed by us for Pearson South Africa. Other clients include Macmillan, Heinemann, Hodder, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press to name a few.