David Belmonte / Self-promotion

My last Children Illustrations for a prayer book, that his tittle is "My Simple Prayer Book".  published by CTS Catholic Truth Society. I hope you Like this art work.

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Location: Sitges
Date: 07.10.2016


This year "Sitges film festival" 2016 world pays tribute to Star

Trek, for its 50th anniversary, presentations, actors of the universe

Star Trek, tributes, exhibitions, round tables,

projections, music, food, premieres, representatives and

environmental characters of the saga, and all the fan phenomenon in a

one place.

the authors of comics, illustration, designers, and FX Make-up will gather to pay homage to a saga that captivated thousands of

people from all over the world.

Sitges Film Festival, the Club Star Trek Spain and Mo CARO Art Studios, have this year the great challenge of turning Sitges film festival 2016

in the event of the year.

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David Belmonte / Self-promotion
Illustrations for a children's book project, based on the story of the famous outlaw Robin Hood.
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David Belmonte / Self-promotion
Illustrations for a children's book, full of fantasy and imagination, published by Voramar – Santillana.

Ilustraciones para un libro infantil, lleno de fantasía e imaginación, de la editorial Voramar- Santillana.
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Book Cover
Paisaje Dominicano –  Dominican landscape
Children in action
Sira and black bird
Sira y el pajaro negro
Grandfather and grandson.
Children's Comic
Imagilandia 1