David Brown / Commission
Commissioner: Made by Shape
Date of publication / release: 01.12.2017


This is my most recent project for the company Made by Shape. The brief was to create an illustration based on the theme of Christmas, for a digital advent calendar on Shape’s Website. The illustration is a digital painting using Photoshop. I had a lot of fun doing this piece and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

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David Brown / Self-promotion


This is my most recent project. I wanted to create some illustrated text for Halloween. I hand lettered the lettering and digitally painted the pumpkin. I really enjoyed doing something different to the rest of my portfolio.  

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David Brown / Self-promotion

 The artwork is based on the character Absolem, from the book Alice in Wonderland. I enjoyed doing this piece so much, I plan on illustrating the rest of the book. 

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The Worker Bee
Easter Basket
Robin Red Breast
Travel Insurance
Car Insurance
Hubble Bubble
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