Born in Paris IL where I lived until I was 8 with a typical small town upbringing of which everyone knew you or knew your family. My early years were filled with the simple life before television. Oh there were televisions but not many and only one channel anyway_black and white of course. After we moved to the big city (Terre Haute IN) life became more complex. Well at least I thought so.... Baseball, Cub Scouts, building tree houses, running through cornfields, poison ivy...everywhere. Riding your bike to school year round. Fashions were a white T-shirt and blue jeans. We didn’t know what brand ... or cared. Sunday was always church in a suit. Restaurants... well lets just say my mother was a wonderful cook. My sister was the artist in the family. Boy could she draw horses! I being 5 years younger had no pressure on me and could just enjoy drawing for fun. Having someone in the family as good as my sister was a great inspiration to me... for that I am grateful. Even now she wouldn’t hesitate to voice an opinion on something I may be working on.... ahhh big sisters.
My first job that I recall was delivering newspapers, then washing dishes at the Woolworth diner. Eventually advancing on to other parts of the 5 and 10. Later moving down the shopping center to clerk at Ace Hardware. I married very early in life while I was just entering college. We had a son, my wife worked full time, I worked 2 jobs, one at the hardware store and another at a paint and varnish warehouse plus going to school full time. I majored in business management for the first year where I came to the realization that I was not going to be happy doing that the rest of my life. So after some soul searching I decided to give the art department a try. It was a natural fit. I couldn’t get enough of it. I would be there late into the night working on different projects without concern of time. This may have contributed to my ability to work straight through the night even now. It is my time_when the creative juices flow the best.
Ideas came from many of my own experiences and feelings as well in later years from my 3 children. Working from my in-home studio has made “Dad’s job” a very friendly environment that we were lucky to have. Now I only have one left at home but new inspiration comes from my grandkids!
Working in both publishing and advertising has allowed me to expand into many styles that have made me prolific in this business. I would advise anyone starting in the art field not to let yourself be categorized into any one style. Longevity comes from adaptability. Rarely are two days the same. When I entered the business there wasn’t any computer generated art. Everything was rendered by hand by pencil, ink and airbrush. Now I still draw everything but scan it into the computer for final rendering.
I love to solve problems in and out of the business. A break in work is an opportunity to catch up on some “woody” projects around the house. Ripping apart a room remaking it is a satisfying hobby of mine. Yes I am a DIY junkie.
New paths open each day and I still love the journey!
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