Location: Seattle
Date: 31.12.1969

 No, that's not the halftime concession stand at the Superbowl... that's the lobby on a quiet morning at ALA-mid-winter. 

Now I know why I work at home alone in slippers. I did have two or three books on the racks there, if you dug deep enough you might have seen them. But despite all the ruckus, I had a great time.  

One disadvantage of being in Seattle is that it is 2,000 miles to New York and the east coast, where most of the publishers are.  So I relish every opportunity to get together with REAL editors in person.  I met with the wonderful editors I even landed a connection that resulted in a new picture book with Blue Apple Books!  


Attached images:
Cromwell Dixon's Sky-Cycle
Wonderful Winter
Monkey & Friends in the Jungle
'One Smart Cookie' by John Nez
bike ride
On the street where you live...
Monster Fun
French Toast Kids
Spot Saves the Day
Wind in the Willows