John Abbott Nez / Commission
Commissioner: Highlights for Children
Date of publication / release: 11.11.2013

 I was delighted to receive the sample copies for the November issue of High 5 . It was fun to see how 'Nosy Rosie' came out in print. It's exactly as I hoped.  It's a neighborhood scene filled with lots of details of activity on the street.

Digital art can be amazing - but the printing also seems equally amazing to me. I like how the details hold up at every level.



Attached images:
A Twin
Dancing Clock page detail
Digital Silhouette Designs
Counting Bears
Mouse's Christmas Cookie
Cromwell Dixon's Sky-Cycle
Stella book cover
Chickens in the Farmyard
At the Zoo
Banana Moon Shells
Treehouse Kids
'One Smart Cookie' by John Nez