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 Arrival in Gotham

The skyline appeared in the dim light of early dawn... must have been 4 or 5 in the morning.. there is was at last, we’d arrived. New York City! Skyscrapers bit into the skyline from one end of the horizon to the other. Immense, gigantic, huge... I’d think you run out of words to try and describe the view of New York from Weehawken or Parassamus or wherever the hell the bus was from across the river. But I was there at last... Manhattan. After sitting on the bus for what seemed like 3 days all the way from Denver I had finally arrived!


It was all so exciting... holding my breath as the bus ducked under the Hudson, through the first of many dark subterannean New York City tunnels filled with grime and ancient tiled walls. They all had famous names and bundles of electric cables and ventilation shafts and everything was covered with grime and dirt and beatup and crazy. That’s what I was here for anyhow... to become a real artist. A children’s book artist more specifically.


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The Emperor's Nightingale
playground kids
Street Scene
The Picnic
Fire fighter Spot saves the day
Elephant & Kids
skip rope twins
bike ride
The Picnic Bunnies
Spot Saves the Day