John Abbott Nez / Commission
Commissioner: G.P. Putnams & Sons
Date of publication / release: 14.05.2009

My new book from G.P. Putnams has received only fabulous reviews. It's almost odd that every reviewer has seemed to think it's wonderfully written and illustrated. I made up a dedicated website for the book (with some of the reviews) at Cromwell Dixon’s Sky-Cycle is the amazing true story of America’s forgotten ‘Boy Aeronaut’, who actually built and flew his own flying bicycle over the skyscrapers of Columbus, Ohio in 1907. It’s a true story of adventure, determination, courage and perseverance. Cromwell Dixon was the original ‘Balloon Boy’. 1907 was an amazing age of new invention in America. For the first time in history people were flying and even building flying machines in their own backyards. This fascinating true tale of aeronautical adventure will captivate readers. Cromwell Dixon’s Sky-Cycle is written and illustrated by John Abbott Nez. This book is a real adventure book, filled with illustrations of amazing home-made inventions built in Cromwell Dixon’s workshop that capture the spirit of the times of 1907.

Attached images:
Thank you teachers
Fire fighter Spot saves the day
Wonderful Winter
The Runaway Baby
Toast and Honey
Monkey & Friends in the Jungle
Playing with blocks
Mermaid Digital Folk Art
A Twin
Reading Makes You Smart