Karen Donnelly / Commission
Commissioner: Schoeninghe Schulverlag (part of Westermann Gruppe)
Date of publication / release: 15.08.2016

 English Language course for German schools market, featuring fictional families living in different English speaking countries who are all connected in various ways, and stay in contact using social media, online gaming, video calling, blogs etc. Great young C21 characters and a variety of different cultures to visit and explore.


This scene depicts Aimee and her extended family who live in Brighton, a busy popular seaside resort on the English south coast, which happens to be my home town.


Only snag, six months later, the Big Wheel is being dismantled and will no longer be a landmark on Brigton seafront. OOps.

Attached images:
Josie Smith in Autumn
19th Century Toilets
Homework! From Gone Missing by Jean Ure
campfire, torch tales
no jack russells on the sofa please
Florence Nightingale
Talk it over
Care on the Stairs
Grandad and Mike
Bubonic Plague Sweeps Sixteenth Century Europe