Loretta Krupinski is the author / illustrator of many cherished books for children and adults. Working for many years as an illustrator and graphic designer, Loretta has chosen to pursue a dual career as a maritime artist as well as an author and illustrator of books for children. She has won numerous awards for both. Among her 27 children's books are Dear Rebecca, Winter is Here by Jean Craighead George, The Old Ladies Who Liked Cats by Carol Greene, The Royal Mice: The Sword and the Horn, How a Seed Grows, by Helene J. Jordan, and her own Bluewater Journal: The Voyage of the Sea Tiger, and Pirate Treasure.
Living on the coast of Main as a studio painter, Loretta prefers to paint local harbors and classic wood boats. Her love of Maine has prompted special interest in historical paintings of the maritime industry. As a sailor herself, she has come to know first hand the subjects she chooses to paint. Her latest treasures, A Maine Artist's Garden Journal and Looking Astern: An Artist's View of Main's Historic Working Waterfronts are true labors of love and have received much aclaim.
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