Laurie Klein / Self-promotion

 Basically this is just a test of the "childrensillusrators blog feature" because i didn't realize i had this option.  I mean, i noticed the word on my menu list, but i never actually clicked on the word. Hey, things were a bit crazed when i first joined "childrensillustratos"  and i'm only now attempting to get better acquainted with the features.  I just added Key Words to all my illustrations, so think of this as Baby Steps.  But i always have "Behind the Art" stories so i'll be back soon. Next time with pictures to share.

Slipping the Surly Bonds
Turtle Tracks
Butterfly - They Just Know
'Shark!' The Herald Angels Sing
What's Gnu?
Bernard - The Ghost of Donley Farm
Sophia and Mom - Fur and Feathers
Galway Girl
King snake - They Just Know
Killer Whale
Tali Who