Laura Brenlla / Commission
Commissioner: Storytime magazine
Date of publication / release: 28.10.2017
Laura Brenlla's 'King of Cats' has ideas above his station! Three super illustrations bring to life this comical feline folktale in Storytime magazine's October issue.
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Laura Brenlla / Commission
Commissioner: Little Tiger Press
Date of publication / release: 17.09.2017
Can’t doze off? Cave too cramped? Friends too loud and whiffy? Then check into a hotel. The Hibernation Hotel! Laura Brenlla brings Bear and his friends to life with gorgeous illustrations in this laugh-out-loud story about friendship, published by Little Tiger Press this September.?
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Laura Brenlla / Commission
Commissioner: White Star Kids
Date of publication / release: 03.03.2017
Laura's amazing character art caught the attention of White Star Kids who commissioned her to create this novel set of playing cards based on Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book and Pinocchio.
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Jungle Book
Alice in Wonderland