Laura Watson / Commission
Commissioner: Laura Watson
Date of publication / release: 01.11.2013

 Humpty Dumpty Magazine commissioned me to create 8 illustrations for a "Build-a-Book" - an activity where kids can cut out the pages and fold and staple them into a little book. It's a very cute poem about a fat cat and the way he spends his days. This was loads of fun as a I have a soft spot for obese kittycats, so it was a joy to create this chubby little character. 



Attached images:
The Amazing Seed - Measuring
Milledeux – Icons for phone cases, etc.
The Best Chef – Yikes!
At the Zoo
Where Is My Nest?
Walrus sailor
Bird in her house - Spread from lift the flap book
Baby birds
Mama and baby owls
Auditions Today
Doctor's office lift the flap spread in 'Who Works