Laura Watson / Commission
Commissioner: Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital
Date of publication / release: 31.03.2015

Earlier this year I was lucky to receive one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever been involved in. Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital in Connecticut refreshed their art collection for their pediatric inpatient facility, and asked me to create four new pieces to be installed in a central hub. 

Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital offers cutting-edge therapies to kids long before these therapies are available throughout the US and elsewhere. In addition to medical innovation, they also place as much emphasis on a child’s emotional needs as they do on treating the illness – evidenced by the thoughtfulness and care they put into curating the art collection. 
With the guidance and coordination skills of art consultant Nancy Samotis, the art committee commissioned several new pieces (2D and 3D) on the theme of “travel/journey as a metaphor for the healing process”. The illustrations had to reflect that theme in some way, as well as provide a positive and uplifting atmosphere for the patients, who range in age from newborn to late teens. 
This was a pretty wide open brief and so much fun to work with! 
Here are the finished illustrations, as well as a few shots of the artwork installed. They're 36" x 30" giclees on fine art paper.
I hope these illustrations make the days a little bit brighter for the kids who spend time in this incredible facility! 
Attached images:
Baby turtle swimming with fish
Walrus sailor
Highlights  magazine – Cows in a Car
Mom and son snuggle
I Spy Space Cows
Mom and baby panda
Butterfly Girl – feelings
Auditions Today
Oxford University Press - The Water Well
Discovery House – Spot illustrations of kids' emot
Festive Forest Fun
Raindrops Fall All Around - Dogs shaking off the r