Laura Watson / Commission
Commissioner: Oxford University Press
Date of publication / release: 30.11.2016

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with Oxford University Press in the U.K. on their All About Us progam – a six-level primary course for the mainstream segment of Spanish schools. They asked me to illustrate “The Water Well”, a cute story about kids taking initiative, showing compassion and using ingenuity to find a way to raise the water level in a dry well and help some thirsty animals. It features a cute baby hedgehog and a baby meerkat, so what’s not to love? 

Attached images:
Bear in a cave, from lift-the-flap book 'Who Lives
Auditions Today
Mom and son snuggle
Butterfly Girl – feelings
Monkey banana truck
The Amazing Seed - Measuring
Sushi Girls
Chirp magazine – Marvin's Monkey Bars
Best Friends for Summer - Girl's World
Seasons jigsaw puzzle for Headu educational toy co
Highlights  magazine – Cows in a Car