Lucia Mongioj
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Since I was a child, I have had a great desire for drawing. When I was ten, I won my first competition and that was the beginning of a lifelong passion for images.
First I attended High School of Art, then the European Institute of Design in Milan, I also frequented specialization’s courses in computer graphics and stages with illustrators such as Stephan Zavrel and Arcadio Lobato, which meant a lot for me, both for my personal artistic and technical development. As a result, I know how to transform dreams, visions and ideas into real images.
I was particularly fascinated by illustration for children and young boys, maybe for my personal desire of a never-ending age of imagination and youthful lightness.
My interest for the world of culture brought me to illustrate textbooks for schools for Italian and foreign publishers.
The fascination for a challenge with other illustrators pushed me to take part in several competitions and exhibitions, which has been very rewarding and helped me grow in my job.
I recently took part in an exhibition called “Tribute to the World of the Book” with a show of watercolors.
I am a member of the Artistic and Cultural Association called “Creative Ideas”.
The charm you feel by observing the infinite ways in which Art can appear around us is one of the best experiences in life!
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