Nathalie is a freelance illustrator living in Argentina.
She has a graphic design background in advertising and also studied industrial design, together with attending several art classes with private artists for as long as she can remember...
She started her working career in ad agencies (art department of course!) at a time when an illustrator had little to do as everything was about photos. Several years ago she decided she had had enough of it and became a self employed illustrator. Since then she had illustrated many books and magazines from countries all over the world. She specializes mostly in women (she just loves fashion and style) and children illustrations.
She loves to start her creations the traditional way (pencil and paper) and finish up digitally. Mixing techniques such as watercolor, collage, vector drawing and photoshop coloring.
She is extremely reliable and responsible when she takes on an assignment.
Nathalie is represented by Deborah Wolfe Ltd. at
Excellent knowledge of:
Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign
Amateur photographer.
Favourite subjects:
Children, fashion, everyday life, whimsical, people. fairytales, educational, food.
And she also bakes great cakes !
Contact Info
731 N. 24th Street, Philadelphia
PA, 19130
United States
Updates are featured in this
illustrator's blog.