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I am so happy with the opinions about my last storybook "Bob's balnket gets a wash" recently published in Britain and Germany.

Written by Ibiere Addey. So glad to work with her.



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Nuria Bertran / Self-promotion

Here is at least my last published book!

Always nice to get my books by mail.

This one has been edited in english and german. 

(Bob's blanket gets a wash / Bobs kuscheldecke muss in die wäsche)

If you are interested in buying, you can do it in Amazon and in the author's website:!shop--cart/c1drz


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Nuria Bertran / Self-promotion

Week from november,17 to november, 23 has been my first Talent Pool of Children's Illustrators website!

This has been an excellent way to promote my work.

Thanks to this I have got a  new client from UK.

I am happy to start working on a new children book! 

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Nuria Bertran / Self-promotion

 Happy Halloween !!

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Nuria Bertran / Commission
Commissioner: Ibi Addey
Date of publication / release: 31.08.2014

 I am happy to write on this blog for the fisrt time.

I have a gallery in this website for a few months ago, with a really good success, because shortly time after I was commissioned by a writer to illustrate two books,

these are a few sample pages of the first one, titled "Bob's blanket gets a wash".


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Little artist
Bob's blanket
Charlie's room
The time machine
Night ride