Paul Sharp / Commission
Commissioner: Workman Publishing
Date of publication / release: 21.06.2010

“Bananagrams for Kids” a book by the creators of Bananagrams, the hottest new word game craze was looking for fun characters for their new book cover and interior spreads. Workman contacted Paul Sharp for his combined experience illustrating for the toy & game industry, and the children’s book market. “The project had a very fast turnaround. After several thumbnail concept sketches were considered featuring both human and animal characters, the Monkey won.” said Paul. “The puzzled look on the monkey’s face made it everyone’s favorite. It has the expression that I have when I work these puzzles! They liked the sketches of kids that I created, too. But, there was the question of whether to show a girl, a boy, or both. The monkey had the advantage of being gender neutral and keeping the layout simpler. And, of course the monkey was a natural tie-in with the official Bananagrams banana. The people at Workman were great to work with. And the project needed the type of characters that I enjoy creating.”

Attached images:
Pirate and Parrot
Juggling Clown Dog
Birthday Flyers
Pizza delivery bike
Herding cats
Then an amazing thing happened
Grizzly Bear fishing
Leonard's Treat cover
Banjo Frog
Animal Farm
Lobster Girl
Mr. Mouth Game