Rico Schacherl / Commission
Commissioner: Square Kilometre Array South Africa, Jive Media
Date of publication / release: 22.06.2011

Fun educational comic book about the South African bid to host the giant Square Kilometre Array radio telescope complex -- three 8 page stories featuring the adventures of Hannah, the local school newspaper's intrepid reporter in her quest t find out more about all the high technology stuff being built around her little hometown of Carnarvon in the Karoo desert region. Along the way she makes friends with a meerkat and a bat-eared fox and the Naledi, the astronomer.

Artwork executed in pen and ink and photoshop digital colouring.

Attached images:
The bigges, bestest birthday cake in the world
Cedric liked to explore
Catching Monsters
Animal Jazz Combo
The Vegetable Garden
Stranded Pirate
The village chickens didn't really appreciate the
Kittens in sweaters
Lion learns to swim
The sweater
Rufus was a big dog
The first swim of the season