Sarah Latham / Self-promotion

 Self promotional piece working on a classic fairy tale. Sampling new ways of using fabrics and tools to make marks .Looking at light and dark to create a moody piece. Working on a series of familiar tales

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Sarah Latham / Self-promotion

 Illustration as part of a promo piece . The story of a little girl whos love for a new kitten upsets her long life friend the teddy bear. 

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Sarah Latham / Self-promotion

I've recently finished this self promotional piece about Knittin' Nora and her obsession with wool . I've been playing with different ideas to make my work more appealing to children of all ages .

You can see more of my work here . feel free to pop by and take a look 

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hansel and gretel
girl with the frizzy hair
Tight rope walker
Sugar and spice and all things nice
Miss Beehive
Little Red
Ship ahoy
They will find it hard to sleep tonight
The rose garden - cooking pot