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Tracy Ann's focus on Natural History illustration lend her art and graphic talents to supporting wilderness and conservation with keepsakes, gifts and collectibles, home decor, Christmas themes and children's books. 'I enjoy exploring, spending whole afternoons at zoos and wildlife parks, observing and sketching animals for new concepts, and just watching the families and kids. Kids love to watch an artist sketch and paint. They are natural artists and keen observers.' Tracy's interest in illustrating and writing children's books began during her high school years. 25 years later, Tracy received a tap on the shoulder--the opportunity finally arrived, reminding Tracy of her long ago dream.

Tracy Ann's art conveys sensitivity, 'whimsy with a nip of humor and heart'. She brings her signature soft, gentle styling to children's story books 'Dabbling Doezee' (, a well loved favorite during Tracy's storytime library reading programs. 'A Colorado Day'can be found at Dreaming Tree Books and Amazon.

'Sharing the richness of our natural world through my art brings me great joy and satisfaction. Connecting with others who share that joy just makes my whole year.'