Abigail Marble has had her nose buried in one book or another since the day
she learned how to read. Encouraged by a wonderful teacher, she began to
write and illustrate stories in second grade. The most famous (among her
family members, at least) was entitled A Dragon, and featured the memorable
line 'and he crunched fifteen villagers!' (The accompanying illustration is
too graphic to be reproduced here.)

Abigail was an art major at Brown University, and also studied in the
illustration department at Rhode Island School of Design. She subsequently
worked as a freelance graphic designer, while continuing
to work on illustrations and children's stories. My Secret Bully (written by
Trudy Ludwig and published by Riverwood Books) was published in February,
2004. Recent projects include 'I Love Your Heart' by Tim McGraw (Thomas Nelson, 2010), 'Two for Joy' by Gigi Amateau (Candlewick, 2014), 'Does Grandma Have a Mustache' and 'Does Grandpa's Dog Pass Gas' by Rita Fleming (Maple & Lam 2015 & 2016).

Abigail is currently working on illustrations for a middle grade novel for Candlewick Press, in addition to developing her own picture book projects. You can see more of her
work at http://www.abigailmarble.com .

Contact Info
(503) 267-6842