Beccy Blake / Commission
Commissioner: Franklin Watts/Tiddlers
Date of publication / release: 14.04.2016

 Latest book I've illustrated for #FranklinWatts and written by #HilaryRobinson now available for preorder

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Beccy Blake / Commission
Commissioner: Macmillan Publishers
Date of publication / release: 06.01.2013

I love drawing vikings! Have just put this project, published by Macmillan up on behance and my blog:

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Beccy Blake / Event
Location: London
Date: 24.10.2014

 I have a new agent! Sylvie Poggio Artists Agency!

Beccy Blake / Commission
Commissioner: Flick Merauld
Date of publication / release: 30.11.2011

 My talented friend Flick Merauld wrote: The Aunt Sally Team is on free promotion for a few days, so if you haven't read it yet, now's your chance. Note wonderful cover art by Beccy Blake. If anyone feels like sharing, that would be wonderful and a great help to me. Thank you  Links below, UK first US after:
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Beccy Blake / Commission
Commissioner: BBC
Date of publication / release: 17.10.2007

 Happy Halloween! Here is a picture I illustrated earlier................

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Beccy Blake / Self-promotion

 Today I launched my new website! Please feel free to look it up....

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Flying Chef!
Brazilian Jungle tree
Chaos In the Canopy
Tiger and the mice
Slime in the Lake
Spooky Castle
Alphabet Fish
The Day the Sea Sneezed
The Little Red Hen
Messy Ella