Awarded on: 24.02.2015

In spite of the cold and the wind last night, Arta Gallery in Toronto’s trendy Distillery District was packed with participants and guests of CAPIC’s Double Vision 2015 exhibition and competition, a unique show where image creators are paired up by a random draw, to create a portrait of each other. By popular vote of all the attendees three winner pairs were chosen. Thanks so much to everyone who braved the elements to come out and join in the fun!

Giovannina Colalillo and I are pleased to announce we won first prize!

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Barbara Spurll / Self-promotion

I've been busy rebuilding my new website in Squarespace, the design of which is based on the wonderful site my son, Welland, built for me about five years ago. I was really happy with it, but wanted a site that was user-friendly enough that I can update it myself.

Please check it out when you have a few minutes! The link is

Barbara Spurll / Commission
Commissioner: Storck
Date of publication / release: 11.12.2013

 Have your ELVES a merry little Christmas!


It was great fun to illustrate a festive package again this year for Toffifee chocolates! Designed exclusively for the Canadian market, the new package features Santa’s elves frolicking in the snow.


Happy holidays, everyone!

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Awarded on: 26.04.2012


Barbara Spurll and Michael Cooper  win 1st place in the 2012 CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators) Double Vision exhibition.

A unique exhibition where illustrators and photographers are paired up by a draw, to create portraits of each other, Double Vision!



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Red Fish, Blue Fish
Elephant in Jungle
Rainy Day Opera B
Food Fight
Red-eyed tree frog spread
Emma with pigs
Cunning Fox
If Bugs Could Dance
Big Eyes chickens
Rainy Day Opera A