Jack was born with the gift of being able to draw . His Grandfather, he was told, was a portrait artist. When Jack was only 8 years old he could replicate the portrait covers of
Life Magazine each month.
Though life took him in diverse directions (his father sent him off to West Point at age18), he persisted in pursuing his love of drawing. After graduating from West Point ,(where he was the art editor of 'the Pointer' magazine), he went off to war in Saigon . Even there he found opportunity to sketch with the 'combat illustrators' group.
After serving his country for 5 years Jack was then able to return to his calling, and attend the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. When he was still in high school , Jack had entered the Fisher Body annual competition for automobile design, and won. He was then advised by the judges at GM that he should go to Art Center to study.(This was pre-empted by being sent off to West Point and Vietnam). So now, back-on-track, Jack graduated from Art Center and set off on a career in Interior Design and Illustration. His firm, Adams Design, was rated amongst the top 50 firms in the world by Interiors Magazine.
Jack is also a charter member of the New York Society of Illustrators.
Now as his life and times have progressed, Jack has been able to re-focus on Illustration and produce and publish 'Alouicious, It's Delicious'.
This book of children's poetry was done in conjunction with his daughter, Felicity, for her first-born. It is available on Amazon and as an iTunes APP.
The breadth and depth of Jack's artistic experience is on offer at his web-sites...
Art.com ....
as well as... www.AdamsDesignGallery.com.  Jack is an 'Imagineer' in the Walt Disney tradition. 'Fantasy Fulfillment ' is his specialty. If it can be imagined, he can draw it.
And build it. His hotel and restaurant projects are legend. Some of these are on view at..
What ever your story line is, where ever it takes you, Jack
can imagine it, and bring it to life as Art and Illustration.
Contact Info
212 925 4558
9910 W Cameo Dr, Sun City
United States