Lorraine Dey / Self-promotion
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Lorraine Dey / Self-promotion

 A fun, new, whimsical style. Colorful digital illustration of a cat and a bee. Http://www.deystudio.com


Lorraine Dey / Award
Awarded on: 31.12.1969

My book, "The Rain Forest Party" just won a silver Mom's Choice Award. Read more...


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Lorraine Dey / Self-promotion

Here is the newly released book trailer for my new picture book, "The Rain Forest Party" - written and illustrated by Lorraine Dey.


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Lorraine Dey / Self-promotion

Proofs are in from the publisher for my new picture book which will be released on May 16th, 2012.

Get a sneek-peek at http://hector-armando.com


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Lorraine Dey / Self-promotion

 My picture book, "A Sweater For Duncan" is now available as an ebook app on Apple itunes...



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Lorraine Dey / Self-promotion

 I had a great time at BEA, Book Expo America last month, signing copies of my book "A Sweater For Duncan".

Publisher, Raven Tree Press was not able to set up a booth this year since it was damaged in a storm just weeks before the expo.

BEA was kind enough to set us up at the main autographing area, where Margie Malone, (author) and myself signed over 100 copies of the book. Also, the book is now available as an ebook app through itunes.

Photos from event: http://www.sweaterforduncan.wordpress.com

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Lorraine Dey / Self-promotion

 My new book to be released in Sept. 2011 is now on the publisher's website...


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Lorraine Dey / Event
Location: http://sweaterforduncan.wordpress.com
Date: 01.06.2010

 There is now an official website for the new picture book "A Sweater for Duncan" which is now available for pre sale orders on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

Visit and bookmark: http://sweaterforduncan.wordpress.com

for news and events, as well as free coloring pages for the kids.

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