Lorraine Dey / Self-promotion

 I had a great time at BEA, Book Expo America last month, signing copies of my book "A Sweater For Duncan".

Publisher, Raven Tree Press was not able to set up a booth this year since it was damaged in a storm just weeks before the expo.

BEA was kind enough to set us up at the main autographing area, where Margie Malone, (author) and myself signed over 100 copies of the book. Also, the book is now available as an ebook app through itunes.

Photos from event: http://www.sweaterforduncan.wordpress.com

Attached images:
Brian being creative
'Copy Cat'
Hot Air Balloon
White farm goose chases a weasel
Bed-Time Afraid of Monsters
Trick or Treat
Bernese Mountain Dog - Digital portfolio sample
Magpie and Berries
Mouse and Berries