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 I think most kids adopt a neighborhood squirrel at some point. We had a regular visitor for a fair part of one childhood summer. Of course I fed him nuts and with each feeding he became more trusting of our relationship. Eventually he confidently climbed onto the decorative metal work of our screen door, gazing into our living room, looking for his supper.

We would chat, the squirrel and I. It seemed one sided, but I appreciated him being a good listener. Children's cartoons are built on talking and singing animals and I think there is something deep within us that would like to communicate with these critters.

With a bit of free time today, I imagined a squirrel settled high in a tree, and spontaneously breaking into song. Squirrels sometimes make that faint chirp sound, but how great would it be if they could belt out a tune? This one has stage presence, with arm extended, bellowing the last line of "My Way". He's a schmaltzy lounge squirrel, but he gets to pick the tune; I just draw him.

Sing your heart out squirrel. Your bag of nuts is in the mail.

Singing Squirrel ©2017 Ed Koehler

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