Ed Koehler / Self-promotion

Of course the big astronomical event happened on August 21, with the solar eclipse. I didn't catch it, but for me, the Harvest Moons, or these earlier Corn Moons, are spectacular sights, and I don't need special glasses to enjoy them. With the moon approaching fullnes in two days, I drew up this image called Moonrise. This man in the moon is waking from his daytime sleep with a stretch and a yawn. Now he's ready for a good night's work, brightening the sky to help farmers harvest late into the night. 

Shine on, shine on harvest (or corn) moon, up in the sky! 

I hope you like my series of big round headed illustrations. Thanks for reading!

Attached images:
Planting Bulbs
Koala eating Kale
C'mon Rusty, You Can Do It!
Christmas Tree
Rickshaw Reggie Chicago Neighborhoods
Clarinet Girl
Happy Birthday, St. Louis!
Wake Up!
Singing Squirrel