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 As I continue to play with these simple circles, I'm kind of surprised by what I come up with. All these simply start with a circle. No preliminary sketches, and truth be told, no actual idea.  First I drew two circles. I picked the green and blue from my custom color library (the one I call Urban Garden) and started coloring. I like this sort of Picasso-esque thing with the noses halving the head. If you squint, you'll see that they form a profile within a three quarter view of the head. Mentally erase the shaded part of the circle and you'll see remaining a satisfactory profile in a cartoonish style.  From there it was only a matter of deciding what these two round heads are doing. My first thought was to have them watching a flea circus. Seriously. But fleas are pretty small. How about playing a game? So there it went.  I know the moves in chess, but not the strategy. I thought it best to illustrate something realistic about the game. A quick search came up with The Sicilian Defense.  To me the odd palette with the off-color faces somehow captures a cool level of concentration, even while blue man whistles with confidence as he counters the white pawn opening at E4 with black pawn to C5. #chess  Sicilian Defense ©2017 Ed Koehler

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Saxophone Man
C'mon Rusty, You Can Do It!
Polar Bear
Christmas Tree
Auguste Choteau founding St. Louis in 1764.
Boy on a Burro
Good Friday
Singing Squirrel
Burning the Midnight Filament.