I started drawing as a small child at the side of my artist grandma—we'd take the train from her Brooklyn house to Coney Island Beach to sketch the sleeping sunbathers. After architecture (Cornell) and art study in London, I graduated (BFA) from California College of the Arts.
In London, a friend showed me Arthur Rackham's books and an early 'Alice' illustrated by Tenniel. Working as an architectural draftsperson, I filled the margins of my blueprints with fairy tale sketches.

In Hamburg, Germany, where I lived 1987-97, I began my picture book career with 'Mrs. Peachtree and the 8th Avenue Cat' by Erica Silverman and 'The Blue Hill Meadows' by Cynthia Rylant. Other books include 'The 18 Penny Goose,' 'The Promise Quilt' by Candice Ransom, an adaptation of 'Anne of Green Gables,' and Andrew Clements' Pets to the Rescue nonfiction series. The 2011 'The Christmas Coat: Memories of my Sioux Childhood' by Native American author Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, drawn from her childhood in winter 1945, won several major awards. Last year I completed an abridged edition of 'Les Miserables.' Currently I'm creating a story that takes place on the Silk Road in the 3rd century.
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