Christiane Engel / Commission
Commissioner: Albert Whitman
Date of publication / release: 01.02.2017
We've just received our copies of 'From Here to There' charmingly illustrated by Christiane and published by Albert Whitman.?
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Christiane Engel / Commission
Commissioner: Walter Foster Jr. / Quarto
Date of publication / release: 30.09.2016
Wooo hooo! We have just received our copy of ABC Yoga by Christiane Engel (Walter Foster Jr. / Quarto). It looks wonderful! Here is quick glimpse...
Quarto also filmed this fab promo video with Jeannie Perrault who teaches yoga to children.

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Christiane Engel / Commission
Commissioner: Wellesley magazine
Date of publication / release: 01.03.2015

Map illustration for Wellesley magazine, following the migration route into the Arctic of the red Knot birds. 

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Christiane Engel / Self-promotion

Christiane Engel has illustrated this distinctive book cover for classic tale, Goldilocks & the Three Bears.

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Christiane Engel / Commission
Commissioner: Leben + Erziehen
Date of publication / release: 21.07.2014

Christiane Engel has illustrated this new quiz page for German magazine, Leben + Erziehen.

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Christiane Engel / Commission
Commissioner: Carlton Press
Date of publication / release: 27.06.2014

Christiane Engel has illustrated The Totally Amazing Atlas of the World for Carlton Press.  Christiane’s distinctive maps & colourful spot illustrations of famous landmarks, wildlife & cultural facts help to present the world as place rich in discoveries.

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Christiane Engel / Commission
Commissioner: Scott Sorensen
Date of publication / release: 02.06.2014

Christiane Engel has illustrated a new book entitled 'Dear Mr Mountain Man, Letters to Scott Grizzly Sorensen'. An entertaining collection of letters from school kids across the American West and Mr Mountain Man's replies were a perfect match for Christiane's funny and charming illustrations.

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Christiane Engel / Commission
Commissioner: Leben und Erziehen
Date of publication / release: 20.05.2014

Christiane Engel has illustrated this cute little ladybird and his mama for german parenting magazine Leben und Erziehen.

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Christiane Engel / Commission
Commissioner: Persil
Date of publication / release: 10.03.2014

Christiane Engel has illustrated a campaign for Persil.  The seven places that inspire magic and wonder for children according to research by Persil are:  Legoland, Safari, The Pyramids, Hollywood, Harry Potter World, London Eye and Castles.

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Christiane Engel / Commission
Commissioner: Bloomsbury
Date of publication / release: 31.12.2013

Christiane Engel has illustrated One Day published by Bloomsbury which follows fifteen different children from around the world through a 24 hour period.

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Star Signs - Pisces
Olaf from Iceland
Western boy
Dear Mr Mountain Man
Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Polarbear and Snowbunny
Cafe by the Sea
The Enchanted Island
Madagascar Map
Our Solar System