Welcome to my studio!
I'm a children's illustrator & writer who lives by the sea in rural Kent.
Around me, there's lots of wildlife, woods, muddy paths, pebbles and interesting vegetation on our wild local beach. I can see ships sailing past on the North Sea from my studio, and I like watching thunderstorms from here.

I'm inspired by childhood stories, traveling, Outsider Art, and nature. My favourite subjects to illustrate are patterns, maps, lettering, animals, landscapes and of course, kids!

I create my work in a variety of media, including pencil and brushpen. Usually I combine my handmade textures and drawings digitally and create the final collage in Photoshop. I like my art to look organic, playful and to be full of childlike spirit.

My working space is shared with my toddler who likes to colour in my sketches and scribbles in my sketchbook - a great inspiration for my stories and art!