Eric Freeberg / Commission
Commissioner: Jim Lettis, author
Date of publication / release: 30.11.1999

 I'm just now finishing up a commission of a painting for the story, "The Rocking Horse," by Jim Lettis. The painting is of a small boy on a rocking horse imagining himself to be a knight in shining armor on a mighty warhorse. The boy is wrapped in aluminum foil, holding a broom handle, and with a pot on his head, and the imagined scene of the knight is above and behind the boy. I'll upload the painting as soon as I can. 

In this painting, I'm trying a new oil painting technique that dries quickly(crucial) and allows almost immediate glazing and overpainting. So far so good. 

Lizard and Squirrel
Great Expectations
Playing catch
Left side of Leopard Family eating lunch
Detail from cover painting for 'A Family Pet'
Chameleon and Lizard appeal to King Kudu
The Little Mermaid
Victory Lap
Nutcracker Battle
Gazelle, Lizard, Chameleon, etc.